Oslo to Stavanger Scenic Route

  • A. Oslo

    Norway is home to spectacular natural formations, including breathtaking fjords and deep valleys, which provide a scenic backdrop for the drive from Oslo to Stavanger.
  • B. Holmenkollen Ski Museum

    Holmenkollen Ski Museum
    The Holmenkollen ski jump is Norway's most popular attraction for thrill seekers. The jump in used during the FIS World Cup ski competition every year, drawing in fanatical fans from all over the world. In addition to winter activities, visitors can enjoy sports museums, incredible views of Oslo and the tranquility of the surrounding fjord.
  • C. Bærums Verk

    Traveling westward, you’ll get a slice of Norwegian history by stopping in Bærums Verk, where the country’s first melting furnace was built in 1922. An ironworks that produced cannons, armour and construction equipment was operating at this same spot beginning in the 17th century.

    In this charming community, you’ll find an abundance of shops, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries. The family friendly park includes walking trails, playgrounds, sculpture pieces and a wonderful museum where you can learn about the area’s past.

  • D. Geilo

    Norway’s first ski resort still is one of the country’s largest, and it’s also home to some of the most luxurious and expensive holiday cabins in the country. On the scenic drive, you’ll travel past steep hills, through beautiful forests and over wide-ranging plateaus, all with breathtaking views.
  • E. Hardangervidda National Park

    Hardangervidda National Park
    From Geilo, drive to the innermost part of the beautiful Hardangerfjord region until you reach Hardangervidda National Park – one of Norway's finest. Activities include everything from skiing and hiking on glaciers to kayaking in the chilly waters.
  • F. Lofthus

    Hotel Ullensvang in Lofthus

    Situated on the eastern shore of the Sørfjorden waterway, Lofthus is a charming town with surroundings so beautiful they are often referred to as the “Orchard of Hardanger,” a name this remarkable region certainly lives up to.

    Stop off for a meal and enjoy the fantastic panoramas that offer views the three Folgefonna glaciers.

  • G. Stavanger

    Travelers flock to Stavanger’s shores during warmer months to enjoy the beaches. The pristine coastline and majestic mountains make this area extremely popular with locals and those seeking natural beauty. Many lighthouses along the coast are open to tourists, and some even offer meals and overnight stays, a truly unique experience.