Pick up. Drive. Enjoy. Return.


Not everyone needs a car all the time, or even for a whole day. And if that's the case, there's no point paying for a car that's not being used.

Car sharing the Enterprise way! allows you to rent a car at one of our City locations: Amsterrdam, Central Station or Maastricht Central Station by the hour. And to make it even easier, insurances and fuel are included. You only pay an hourly rate and the mileage driven.

It's simple. For example start renting a Volkwagen for up to 3 Hours and only pay 18 euros plus the mileage you drive.

Need more options? Check it out! Pick the day. Pick the time and enjoy the ride.

Terms and Conditions

Valid only for Pickup & Return at Amsterdam Central Station or Pickup & Return at Maastricht Downtown. Hourly Rental rates includes 45km/3 hours, 60km/6 hours, 90km/9 hours or overnight rental. Location Fee, Vehicle License Fee, Collision Damage Waiver-Basis Cover (a non waiverable excess of Euro 375 applies), Theft Protection, Third Party Liability, VAT, 24/7 Emergency Road Assistance and Fuel. When late return, the next hourly rate plan will apply. The Hourly Rental Program as per contract and subject to the General Car Rental Conditions of Enterprise Netherlands.