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  • Hever Castle

    Most children can't claim they had an entire castle to run around in while growing up. But then, Anne Boleyn wasn’t your average child. The former Queen of England and wife of the irascible monarch King Henry VIII spent much of her youth in this magnificent Kent estate owned by her well-regarded father, Thomas, Earl of Wiltshire.

    The Hever Castle is admirable and keeps the old spirit of London alive. Summers welcome the annual Medieval Weekend, filled with activities such as archery and shield painting. Spectators can even enjoy a jousting tournament from the notable Royal Box. The castle grounds are immersed in culture and history following 700 years of transformations – from medieval stronghold, through noble ownership, and on to its modern incarnation as shaped by William Waldorf Astor.

    Explore the beauty of Hever by strolling through the Italian-inspired gardens, navigating the mazes, or taking a boat onto the lake. Grab a bite to eat at the Guthrie Pavilion Restaurant or enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the Japanese Tea House.