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    There’s something almost enchanting about The Daymark. In its sparse landscape, backed by miles and miles of ocean as far as your eye can see, it’s hard not to just sit there endlessly and ponder. For walkers taking on the spectacular coastal hike, it makes the ideal resting spot for a picnic or, in the colder months, a flask of hot chocolate. On a clear day, the spot is a photographer’s dream, sitting as the perfect subject on a clear, blue background. Or you could catch it at night with the aid of a few lights (or fireworks as has recently happened on its 150th anniversary) when it really comes alive.

    The 80-foot, almost church-like structure was built in 1864 by the Dartmouth Harbour Commissioners as a much-needed guide to sailors coming into the tricky harbour. The tower is on the Kingswear headland opposite Dartmouth and sits lonely in its surroundings, its design noticeably different from the coloured, dome-shaped daymarks that frequent the rest of the southern coast.

    Truth be told, you can’t actually drive up to the exact location, but you can reach it from the South West Coastal Path just down the road from Froward Point. Alternatively, you can park at Brownstone Car Park and walk along a tarmac road through farmland towards the sea. The tarmac is a reminder of the area’s World War II activity, with the nearby Brownstone Battery built as a protective guard against German U-boats attempting to stop shipping into Dartmouth harbour. What is brilliant about this imposing coastal point is its simplicity. Its striking beauty will leave a lasting impression and is well worth a visit.