Beyond Cape Town

The Western Cape is, simply put, one of the best places to drive in the world. It’s a place you could come to drive and drive alone. The following locations are simply places to stop off for food and to see a few sights — make sure you’ve got big windows because there’s a lot to see.

An aerial view of Cape Town
  • Signal Hill

    5 miles

    South Africa is famous for its views and Signal Hill is one of its best. Sometimes reminding people of a Lion Sphinx, this hill is the vantage point to take your significant other for a sunrise or sunset viewing over Cape Town and the Atlantic seaboard.

    To really make the most of the views, pitch a tent at one of the nearby campsites. Appleton has the best facilities if you’re not too fussed about sharing accommodations and is great for meeting other people for a night hike up the Lion's Head.
  • Hout Bay

    12 miles

    Despite the beauty of this lively little fishing town, you will always find yourself gazing out to sea. Known as "Dungeons" to the surfing community, it is one of 16 globally recognised "big wave" surfing spots across the globe — with waves recorded up to 47 feet.

    The drive from Cape Town's city centre is sublime, and on arrival you'll have endless amounts of fine dining and casual fish restaurants. The town is known for its fish industry. It’s the perfect place to park the car, watch some surfers in the sun, grab a bite to eat and enjoy a nice glass of sauvignon blanc to see the day out.
  • Stellenbosch

    32 miles

    Whilst we’re on the subject of wine, Stellenbosch, the region established in the early '70s, is known worldwide for its cabernet sauvignon. The Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Route has long been known as a spot for a well-produced tipple. This is due to the hot dry summers and equally as cool wet winters, perfect wine weather.

    The city is known for its diversity with Stellenbosch University being one of the best in the country. Over 25,000 students live there, meaning local nightlife is aplenty for any travellers looking for a party.
  • Mossel Bay

    239 miles

    Best known as the first place Europeans landed at South Africa, Mossel Bay is an active tourist town and port, set on the sun-kissed slopes of Cape St Blaize against a watchful gaze from the Outeniqua Mountains. The bay is a great stopover, but it’s the drive along the Garden Route that really makes it. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the miles and miles of exquisite coastline.

    The bay is famous for its mussels and various other catches that are served in idyllic settings. The bay is written into the Guinness Book of Records for having the mildest year-round climate, second in the world only to Hawaii.
  • Oudtshoorn

    262 miles

    You can’t come to South Africa without coming to Oudtshoorn. Why you ask? It’s the ostrich capital of the world. The exotic birds rule the area with over 400 ostrich farms surrounding the town. Guided tours are available at many including Highgate, where you can enjoy a spot of ostrich racing followed by dinner at The Pepper restaurant, where the main course is… yes you guessed it, ostrich.

    Oudtshoorn is also the start of the Route 62 wine route, a meandering tour through some of South Africa’s most stunning valleys, galleries, adventure courses and even a donkey trail.