Prague: Sites to See at Every turn

  • Prague is a city that effortlessly mixes the old and the new. Situated on the scenic Vltava River, the city flourished in the gothic, renaissance and baroque eras leading to striking architecture, and meaning that the culturally-diverse population is surrounded by amazing buildings at every turn.
  • Things to see and do in Prague

    Prague is also steeped in culture and history. There are no less than 17 museums in the city, ranging from police history to aviation. For kids there is a wax museum and for the adults, none other than the Czech beer museum.

    The National Gallery is worth a visit, with the largest collection of art in the country and one of the largest museums in central Europe. Interestingly though, the art is not just in one location, rather it is presented in a number of historic buildings across the city – Kinsky Palace, Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, Trade Fair Palace, Sternberg Palace, Schwarzenberg Palace and Salm Palace. Admission is 300 CZK and allows you access to all six exhibitions for seven days from purchase.

  • Eating in Prague

    Any guide to Prague worth its salt would tell you to check out the whole range of foodie hotspots in the city. Gao Den, albeit located in a bizarre location, has a flawless management team and their fried rolls and recently added chocolate fondant are to die for. For a special occasion, La Degustation is one of the best places to experience contemporary Czech cuisine made using the finest local produce. As one of Prague’s only two Michelin star restaurants, it’s the perfect place to celebrate your team’s win in style.
  • A game changer

    The locals’ love for their team runs strong through their blood. AC Sparta Prague is one of only two major teams in the city, and that means that many of the 1.2 million inhabitants are avid supporters of the club.

    However, as much as we hate to admit it, there is more to life than football. There’s also beer, and Prague undoubtedly has a lot of experience in this area. The Staropramen brewery is a must-see for beer connoisseurs, originally built in 1871, local lagers have been brewed here for well over 140 years. You can book a tour of this historic place, and be shown around the brewing rooms, the laboratories and more importantly, get to taste the product!

    But, the Staropramen brewery isn’t the only of its kind in the city. There’s a whole host of microbreweries and pubs that brew their own - such as Klášterní pivovar Strahov or První Novoměstský restaurační pivovar – there are plenty of tours available.

  • Get out of the City

    There are many more fascinating sights within a short drive from the city. About an hour’s travel by road is the world heritage site of Kutna Hora, known for its bone church. The church has impressive decorations such as chandeliers and coats of arms made out of human remains!

    Alternatively venture out to the far West of Prague and indulge in the healing powers of the hot springs in the spa town of Karlovy Vary or brush up on your history at the Karlśtejn Castle, just 30km outside of the city.

    So when you’re in town for the UEFA Europa League, perhaps you’ll choose to extend your stay to see the many wonders of the Czech capital and beyond.

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