Hungary's Spas

Hungarian history is intrinsically linked with spa culture - whether for relaxation, a place to convene and solve the world’s problems, or as a cure for ailments like muscular pains and arthritis. A mixture of Roman heritage, Ottoman Turkish influence and naturally occurring geological features of the Carpathian basin, the spas and wellness destinations around Hungary are perfect for those wanting to kick back, float around and take it easy. With over 1,000 hot springs, there’s something for everyone here, including water slides and pools in caves. Check out our favorites below.

Cave spa in Barlang Furdo
  • Kiraly Bath

    Visiting the Kiraly Bath has been likened to traveling back to the Middle Ages. From the slightly worn interior to the classically Turkish dome ceiling (typical of Ottoman stylings), the baths date back to a time when Turks, rather than Hungarian royalty, ruled over Budapest. The baths are dimly lit by pinhole-like windows in the ceiling. Take the opportunity to sit back, relax, breathe in the slightly sulphuric scents and imagine how many people have sat in the same place throughout the last 400 years.
  • Palatinus Strand

    Located in the middle of the Danube between Buda and Pest, and named after Saint Margaret, this beautiful leaf-shaped island hosts many open-air pools, two of which have thermal water running directly into them. The strand itself is located within a beautiful natural conservation area, a true oasis situated between the two sides of the city. Visitors can take their pick between a variety of pools, both for swimming and relaxing, and kids can enjoy water slides that are perfect for balmy summer days.
  • Lake Hévíz

    Less than a two-hour drive from the capital, you’ll find the temperate and Mediterranean-leaning baths of Hévíz, situated on the western shores of the ever popular Lake Balaton. Cited as one of the largest thermal lakes in the world, the sight of Hévíz in its glorious natural surroundings is enough to take your breath away. But a lengthy dip in one of the many self-replenishing pools is an even greater reward. We recommend you rent a rubber tube and let your troubles float away.
  • Lenti Thermal Spa and St. Georg Energy Park

    Located in a tiny town near the Hungarian-Slovenian border, the waters of this truly unique thermal spa are said to be over 40,000 years old - perfectly aged to ease away tiresome aches and pains. Luckily, the baths also are situated on top of the point where three of the earth’s ‘energy lines’ are thought to meet (similar to the sites where Stonehenge and Giza’s pyramids were built). A stroll around the grounds of St. Georg Energy Park is guaranteed to fill the visitor with positive vibes, all while promoting the body’s natural healing powers.
  • Hajduszoboszlo

    Having first opened its doors to bathers in 1927, this spa has been perfecting the art of recuperation for decades. Found on the Great Hungarian Plain and surrounded by a diverse mix of mountain and river regions, it provides a welcome respite for weary travellers. In recent years, archaeological digs in the area have uncovered evidence of nomadic groups - such as the Huns and Goths - who once traded here and were drawn to the curious natural resources.
  • Cave Bath in Miskolctapolca

    Open year round, these indoor and outdoor streams weave their way through limestone chambers, allowing bathers to choose whether to luxuriate in the open air or watch the light from the warm waters dance off the inside of a large natural cave. Rumors of this bath’s regenerative properties have been circulating steadily since the early 18th century, which is more than enough time to make us think there’s probably some truth to them. Regardless of whether you come away feeling renewed or not, you won’t be forgetting the mystical-like surroundings of these pools any time soon.
  • Egerszalok

    Popular with the locals since the first half of the 1700s, the medicinal mineral waters that run through the thermal spas here come up from underneath the Mátra Mountain range, 20 km to the west. The region has historically been known for its viniculture, as all types of wines  - from the robust sounding ‘Bull's Blood’ to the ‘Italian Riesling’ - can be found. Having enjoyed the wonderful views over the salt hill, as well as the temperate waters, treat yourself to the local produce before retiring for the night at the on-site hotel.
  • Bükfürdő

    Bük baths date back to the early 1960s and are the second largest medicinal baths in Hungary. Here, you’ll find a full-scale resort with hotels and restaurants for those looking to indulge and be pampered, as well as tennis courts, Nordic walking and places to camp. It’s a genuine spa retreat with something for everyone. From here, you’re also only a stone’s throw from the Austrian border just under 10 miles away. This makes the town an ideal jumping-off point for exploring further - whether along the highway in your car or biking around the local surroundings. From here, western Hungary really is your oyster.